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Ord. no. 65 405 714

Drill Driver

CSV 13-2


The basis for all tools. With the CSV 13-2 from Narex you can drill and screw into many different materials. Its tightening power of 65 Nm will satisfy both the demanding DIYer and the experienced craftsman.

  • Well-balanced body with ergonomic central handle and soft rubberised surface
  • Powerful motor with a permanent magnet for higher performance and longer life
  • Modern electronic control and monitoring features prevent overloading, reduce wear and prolong the life of the tool
  • Robust aluminium gearbox housing improves rigidity and stability of the mounting
  • Two-speed all-metal gearbox offers wide variability of uses
  • Adjusting ring allows selecting from 21 levels of tightening power
  • All-metal quick-release chuck with powerful grip and capacity
    of up to 13 mm
  • Automatic spindle lock simplifies the handling of work tools
  • Automatic LED work light and belt clip improve comfort during
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Technical parameters

Voltage 20 V
Max. torque 65 Nm
No load speed – 1st speed 0–450 /min
No load speed – 2nd speed 0–1 600 /min
Max. drilling dia. wood 10 mm
Drilling into wood – max. ∅ 25 / 40 / 50*
Drilling into steel – max. ∅ 13 mm
Chuck span 1,5–13 mm
Spindle thread 1/2"–20 UNF
Weight without battery pack 1,4 kg
Weight with battery pack CB4 2,0 kg

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Delivery includes

  • Basic CSV 13-2 machine
  • 1.5–13 mm quick-release chuck
  • belt clip
  • cardboard box BASIC BOX

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Don't be limited by the smallest details. The unique battery fits to all Camouflage machines. Just put it on and you can drill, tighten, mow, shorten, cut and shine.

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Two accumulators and a charger should be among the core accessories for any high-performance tool. While one accumulator is in use, the other is charging.

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The accumulators and charger can also be purchased separately.

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